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Summer Pastoral Newsletter

What are your plans for summer? Hopefully we can all visit friends and family a little more easily, with sunshine and good ventilation. I know it’s been wonderful to be a little more open in how we worship together over the last few weeks. It’s been good to hear of local arrangements with people using printed service sheets, or gathering together to sing, and pray outdoors wherever possible. I’ve been blessed by outdoor singing at 3 of our churches so far, and by times of fellowship and worship in the others. A huge thank you to everyone who is making that possible! 

Chapel Updates

Not much to report over the summer.

Killinghall are at the stage of putting in funding bids for their refurb, as well as planning to start their own toddler group as part of their village outreach.

Scotton are busy planning Bacon Church (or at least Cafe Church- it’s me who is begging for butties!) once a month and are advertising services in the local caravan parks.

Kirk Hammerton had a 20% increase in expected numbers at worship this Sunday (don’t worry I don’t normally do stats like that I was just so excited!) someone who has been to The Nest ( and wanted to come along for worship.

Your creativity and passion for sharing Jesus and loving God and your communities is inspirational, whether you have news in this list or not!

Summer Holidays

I am arround most of the school holidays.

Monday Garden Gate will be sporadic, but if the weather is wet and you don't mind the mess you may be welcomed indoors, if you feel comfortable with that, just turn up!

Thursday Office Hours are dropping to 8:30 - 9:30 over the summer.

September! Oh my- it’s not far off now- and I’m really excited.

One of the things I’ve really missed is face to face bible study.

Those who have been to one of my bible studies will tell you it’s really laid back, we natter and discuss either a book of the bible, or a theme, and there are no “right answers”

I’m hoping that from September Garden Gate will morph into Manse Fellowship, come along for a mug of soup and a roll (or bring a packed lunch if you’re dubious) we will sit around on my sofas/ rickety chairs, eat together and dig into scripture, with lots of laughter.

It’ll be 12-2 on Mondays and you won’t have to come every week to be part of the fellowship!!

There will be a process for booking nearer the time (so I know roughly who I’m feeding!) and I’m so looking forward to welcoming you .

Hopefully this gave you the giggle it gave me as we head into the unknown for our final year together!

In all seriousness however, have a read of 2 Timothy 1 & 2 and ask how we all together can be faithful workers for God as Lois Wunice and Timothy were