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(Funded by the Joe Homan Charitable Trust reg. charity no: 1006060)

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Boys Town (The operational arm of the Joe Homan Charity)

We here at Park Grove Church have been supporting children of some of the poorest families in India through the agency of the Joe Homan Charity for over 35 years. If you have seen the film ‘Slum dog millionaire’ you will have an idea of conditions of poverty that has been the lot of some of our families. In the early days of the charity (which had a different name then) Joe himself made annual fund raising tours of the U.K. and it was on his visit to a school in Leeds that one of our church members heard of Joe’s work with these children and our involvement began. We started by sponsoring just one child and at our peak, about 7 years ago, we were supporting a total of 9 boys and girls. As the membership of our church has decreased over the years and fund raising has become more and more difficult our sponsorship has also fallen off but we currently support 5 girls.

M.Sivaperumal one of our boys found school work difficult especially his 10th std exams - (roughly equivalent to our O levels) and so he opted for an apprenticeship as an electrical mechanic.

He has now finished his training and found good employment with his new skills.

A.Kamuselvan also found the 19th Std work very hard and was offered the apprenticeship option that had suited his colleague so well but in the event he and his family felt he could pursue the academic route from home. So both these lads have left our care having been given a much better chance in life than they would otherwise have had.

4 of our girls are accommodated at the Madurai Sevashram Girls home(MSGH) and attend the    

Baralamadram primary/secondary school which is just next door and takes girls through ages 5 to 17.

M.Swetha and T.Ambumalar have both become teenagers this year and are in the 10th std at school with the all important exams at the end of this year and it would appear that the girls perform better than the boys at these tests..M.Divya was also at MSGH but her family has now moved out of the area in which our charity operates and has also left our care.

Our latest high flier (and some of our children do fly high considering their tough early years) is P.Shanmugavalli who did well in her 12th std exams 2 years ago and at 18 is now in the second year of a physics degree course.

The rather formal way of naming our children is because their initial comes from their father and their given name follows.

Fund raising is becoming ever more difficult but we hope to be able continue our sponsorship at least until our 6 children finish their education.

For more information see the charity website at

Swetha and Ambumalar have now been joined by 7 year old S.Malathi and 8 year old K.Nithya.

We welcome these 2 young girls to our sponsorship and hope they will continue to enjoy life at MSGH

where they have both been already for some months and have settled in well.

M. Sivaperumal

A. Kamuselvan

M. Swetha

T. Ambumalar

P. Shanmugavalli

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S. Malathi

K. Nithya